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Only Human (Free To Read)

“Only Human moved me, I was touched by your acute perception of humanity (and its lack thereof…) … I really bonded with the characters and admired your creativity on the many creatures.Thank you.” – additional testimonials below.

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Jacket Copy:

Only Human is an absurdly-serious, funny, and quite possibly heart-wrenching Young Adult novel, complete at 75,000 words.

Like a Hitchhiker’s Guide to 1984, Only Human is the diary/testimony of a hapless teenage Human who was abducted from Earth by the slimy, slug-like Slixt – and forced to live in an absurd, oppressively socialist totalitarian city-state… floating through space. It’s a paradise that none have ever escaped. To survive, the Human must assimilate, or else they must find the courage to rise up against the system.


I rarely read YA stuff […] but this was the first book that made me emotional in a while. You see, the way this book presents the main character’s relationships and struggles resonated with me. It almost wasn’t just a story, and more like a collection of reflections on life from someone very similar to me.

The plot was creative, engaging, smart, logical, and well-paced. The characters developed beautifully. I loved the introspection aspect, I never thought that some philosophical concepts could work so well in this genre.

The ending was the most memorable part of the book. I was thinking about it hours after I finished it, and got me a bit teary. I felt the conclusion to the story spoke to my yearnings and aspirations.

I can see you’ve put a lot of work into it, and I want to thank you for sharing this amazing story.”

“I don’t usually read SciFi, but I do love books that find a new and interesting way to comment on the human condition and leave me with something to chew on afterwards … It’s fun and weird and very entertainingbut there’s also a much deeper layer underneath … ” – Goodreads

“At first I read it in my downtime at work. But after some chapters, I read until 2am midweek. A really great story!”

“OMG, I finished the book. It was awesome. I want more now.”

“Your society in the ship is so vivid. […] This ship is such a good idea with its diversity, all races forced to live together, like in our big cities […]. A multiculturalist population is so interesting in its interactions as we all share the same goals and dreams – aside from those who wants to eat other peoples like in your story ;)”

“I really liked this universe of yours. You managed to make the diversity palpable with few characters. […] I honestly had a really good time reading your story.”

“The book is awesome. I enjoyed reading it today at work during my free time. I started it this morning and just finished it. […] When I got to the ending, I was like What!? – That was some ending there for sure.”

“That’s the spirit! Don’t stop and write some more. We will be waiting!”

“I am into chapter 3 and can’t put it down!”

“I am looking forward until someone will make a movie out of this. I hate books, (because I hard capture my attention) but now I can’t stop reading…”

“Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για το υπέροχο βιβλίο! Thank you very much for this amazing book from Greece!”

“This is it, mothaf**ka, you did it! Congrats, man, I wish you the best luck forward, and sincerely hope to hear more about your work!”

“I went kinda skeptical….. Sci-fi, book, for free? Shouldn’t be good. No f*cking way it can be good […] thanks. My 2020 just became better.”

“Excellent man! Very happy with your work. Keep going!”

“Kudos to you my friend, I just read your story … quite an interesting character development you gone through. I will keep an eye out for more out of you. Good work, and keep on writing.”

A good read, 5/7, will read another of your work. Thank you good sir.”

“I’m on chapter 3 and damn I like it so far. Well written and actually hooks you well wit the story. Hope u will get all the support and love u deserve. Audiobook would be a awesome add to this. Best wishes.”

“Checked the first few chapters, then bought it. About one third in so far, and I really like it. Thanks for sharing your work that way!”

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Translations: I’m honored by all the offers to translate my work, but I don’t have the bandwidth to take this on right now as I’m working on new books. (this includes offers for free translations).

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Acknowledgements & Dedication:

9GAG: One of the most varied and incredible communities on the internet. The compassion and kindness of the community has brought my words to many thousands of people in over 120 countries (the feels). It’s a place where you can say anything (and possibly suffer the consequences), but also one where genuinely heartwarming stories take shape. Whether someone is going through a rough time, trying to put themselves out there, or just trying to make sense of a world that often makes none. I am grateful for the ten years I have spent on 9GAG and dedicate this book, in part, to all of you wonderful people. There isn’t a banana big enough to demonstrate how grateful I am to all of you.

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