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Thank you for the incredibly positive response to my work! Tens of thousands of people have read since September 2020!

YA – Lightly Absurd, Dystopian Sci-Fi
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MG – Dr. Who x Sherlock Holmes
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A – Han Solo x Wick + Power Armor
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Only Human cover art by: Tanya Masksimuk. Additonal cover/homepage art by Alex Chow. Awesome audio by Ryan Haugen

There’s a thread that runs through everything – pull it, and you might find that the world unravels.

I write in Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade – about characters who use their wits, skill, and drive to overcome the odds – nobody is coming to save them, so they might as well roll up their sleeves and save themselves. They never forget where they came from, lifting their companions along with them as they rise up.
My characters inhabit beautiful, and often broken worlds that need fixing – like our own.

There’s a mob holding pitchforks and torches around every corner these days – ravenous hordes wanting to burn the books, censor your thoughts, and police your every move… But what is the solution? Facts, science, technology, magic, power armour, planet-eating monsters, and the occasional doomsday-weapon can help cut through the noise.

And that’s just the teeming masses… the mega-corporations, corrupt leaders, con artists, evil entities, and the totally insane all want a piece of the action too. Whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, or a magically realistic reality – from the optimistic to the gritty, every world I create has a history, an economy, and layers of depth. I always know what a character has in their pockets and what their fears and aspirations are (even for the bit parts and the side characters).

World-building and backstories are great, but so is blowing sh*t the f**k up – plan on encountering a f**kton of action in my work. Lee Child said that a writer should write the action slow and the other stuff fast, and for the most part, I happen to totally agree.

Every apocalypse needs a phoenix to rise from its ashes, or something. Some worlds get destroyed, some are built from the ground up, and some of them are depressingly close to our own reality.
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I hope you enjoy my work, cheers.

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