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The Limitless Dark Universe ( Everything You Never Cared To Know, and More )

Welcome to The Limitless Dark, a universe based on our own and created by Alex Markus for the AR|C Hunters, Limitless Dark, The Five, and related media creations. All work is copyrighted and all rights are reserved, please visit the licensing page if you would like to learn more. All the good art has been handcrafted by the inimitable Tanya Maksimuk, please check her out and support her work. All other TLD “art” crafted by me, for what it’s worth.

* Spoiler Alert *

  • Lore pages are broken down into sections
  • Generic information – while technically not a spoiler, this content can encompass what is known throughout all books set in The Limitless Dark universe
  • Book I – Arc Angels, Book II – Warlocke, etc. these sections indicate new knowledge revealed on a per-book basis, to avoid spoilers, do not read sections for books you have not read
  • Some Lore will naturally evolve as the plot progresses, characters become aware of certain facts, and the sum of knowledge is updated by recent discoveries, advances, and revelations

A Note On “Canon”

  • The Limitless Dark Universe is composed of:
    • A universe plot
    • Galaxy plot(s)
    • Series Plots
      • Arc Hunters
      • The Limitless Dark ( Fox and Trace )
      • The Five ( Legendary Bounty Hunters )
    • Book Plots
    • etc.
  • None of the characters are omniscient, nor do they compare notes across factions, timelines, or knowledge bases, as a result:
    • Different characters, at different times, will have different understandings of the same objective reality, colored by their personal, cultural, and political beliefs
  • Finally, with a universe so big, and so (unintentionally) complex, mistakes may be made from time to time
  • Therefore, given all of the above, the vast majority of inconsistencies should be attributed to plot, and the rest, human error. Overall, my intent should be clear from the sum of the collected work, and where possible, I will clarify, correct, and update previous texts as needed to maintain consistency.