AG – ArmaGhede:

AG 00 – Marksman / Ib’hrk Thresh

AG 40/40 – Battle Rifle


PK-88 – Rocket Launcher

PK-88/4 – Standard

PK-88/6 – Hunting Variant

PK-88/00 – Mounted Variant

  • Supports autoload feeding mechanism
    • Internal belt fed rounds often alternate between HE and AP rounds, in 3:1 or other ratio





Universal Mechanics:

UM-226 – Compact Pistol, Model 226

A compact pistol, based on the “Reliable pistol” architecture, suitable for concealing and smaller hands.


The weapon may be loaded with:

K – Kinetic rounds, 10mm, 12+1 rounds

B – Beam ( rating: ), 9.76mm, 19 charges

UM-226D – Compact Pistol, Disruptor Variant ( Banned, Discontinued )

The UM-22D has a nearly nearly identical profile to the standard compact. The “D” or disruptor variant, is only capable of firing specialized UM-X-D013 to UM-X-D017 type ammunition.

On firing, the weapon expends the entire loaded charge and produces a green orb, approximately 75cm to the fore of the barrel/emitter. The orb is 50cm in diameter, and travels at 5/ms, expanding in diameter at the rate of 3.14% / 5 meters. For no more than 50 meters ( depending on environmental conditions ) before losing its disruptive charge.

Disruption breaks the bonds between a wide range of atomic weights, and molecular makeups, such that the result of disruption leaves a fine mist of superheated gas, liquid, or slag ( unlike the cold disruption of Sparq weapons that result in an ambient temperature gas, powder, or granular residue )

Effects of Disruption:

  • Within legal range, anything that comes in contact with the green orb, will be disrupted, where contact is made, up to the full diameter and volume of the orb.
  • Any part of the orb that does not make contact with matter will continue to travel, expand, and eventually dissipate
  • Well before total dissipation, at ranges of approximately 50m from the point of firing, disruption will no longer occur, though electrical, magnetic, and oblique forces may be affected to a greater or lesser extent. This effect is still cable of disabling or “killing” unshielded electrical components, bots, and lifeforms.

Banned Technology:

  • Disruption technology was banned by amendment to the Sparq Intervention, and possession of the technology is punishable by death in any Governance controlled space, including the Heap.
  • The UM-226D is considered prototype technology and the weapon was never mass produced. In part due to numerous design issues:
    • Ammunition variants D013 to D016 are unstable when activated ( loaded into the weapon ) and were prone to generating irregular, amorphous disruption fields recorded from 10cm, to up to 3m in total length, with disastrous effects, including:
      • Loss of limb, explosive decompression, death, and in one case, a catastrophic oblique core breach that wiped out an entire UM space station.
    • The weapon itself requires constant calibration and is prone to “calibration drift” that can cause the disruption orb to be generated too far away from the emitter, or in some cases, behind the emitter, causing cascade failure and the kind of unpleasantness that would result from that

UM-RP/C – Reliable Pistol / Combat


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Disruption Beam