May 1, 2021 – I have been busy polishing AR|C Angels and working on a new project. Thanks again to everyone who reads my work!

Dec 31, 2020: Only Human15,000 readers since September! Thank you so much for all of your support and the many kind words I have received through the feedback form, and for the great reviews!

Dec 2020: Marisol & The Book of Doors – Audiobook, I’m looking for a producer but the proofs have been delayed due to Amazon. If they look good, and read well, print will be coming approx Feb 2 2021. I can hire an audio producer for Marisol once I’m happy with the “final” cut of the print. On a side note, I’m super excited to put Marisol out there. If you like books, reading, or fun Dr. Who-like adventures, this is the book for you. You won’t regret reading it.* Check out the sample chapter at any rate.

*Ok, you might, but that would make you a monster.

Dec 2020: Only HumanAudiobook production is back on & a new producer is on board. I’m hoping for the final by early Feb 2021. ACX may take some time to approve and distribute the final. Updates will be postd as I have them 🙂

Dec 2020: Marisol & The Book of DoorsPrint proofs are on the way. The next step is checking for any obvious errors ahead of release in Feb 2021. Print and eBook versions will be released at the same time.

Dec 2020: Marisol & The Book of Doors – Cover art is nearly complete. You can get a sneak peek on the homepage.

Dec 2020: Only Human – Print is now available on Amazon! Thanks to all those who have requested and/or already bought it!

Dec 2020: Only Human – Audiobook production: back to the drawing board. The narration fell through and I will have to find a new producer. Hopefully I can get audio out by the spring. More info will become available when I have it.

Nov 2020: AR|C Angels – read the Sample Chapter

Nov 2020: Marisol & The Book of Doors – read the Sample Chapter

Nov 2020: Marisol & The Book of Doors – Editing

Nov 2020: Marisol & The Book of Doors – cover art commissioned

Nov 2020: Only Human – English print is coming

Oct 2020: HC Punk – World-building

Oct 2020: AR|C Angels – Editing

Oct 2020: Only Human – English audiobook is in production

Sept 2020: Only Human – Free to read on this website is live

Aug 2020: Only Human – Editing.

Jul 2020: SF/F Untitled – Plotting.

May – Jun 2020: SF/F – World-building, modelling ( I may post a pic of the model when I’m actively working on this book again. The second half of 2020 will be devoted largely to editing and web-site work )

Mar – Apr 2020: Editing, various.

Feb 2020: AR|C Angels – Ready for editing.

Jan 2020: AR|C Angels – Writing.

Dec 2019: AR|C Angels – Writing.

Nov 2019: AR|C Angels – Writing.

Oct 2019: AR|C Angels – World-building ( based on TLD universe ). Plotting.