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Only Human – Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Trigger warning: portions of this book may deal with drugs, sex, suicidal ideation, having to get a job, speciesism, and other things that might not be super pleasant to encounter. There’s a few laughs too.

(1) Abduction Test

(2) Forced Immigration

(3) Of Slixt and Support

(4) Assimilate

(5) Life Balance

(6) Again With The Abductions

(7) Humanity Redux

(8) Social Circle

(9) Sub-Level Six

(10) Escape Velocity

(11) Between A Rock And A Blorfmort

(12) Oh, Happy Day

(13) High Treason And Other Minor Infractions

(14) Betrayal

(15) [ – Redacted – ]

(16) The Slixteenth

(17) Slixt’mas Party

(18) Judgment Day

(19) Homecoming

### FIN ###

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