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The dream I have,
The dream I hold,
I don’t know but I’ve been told,
I gave it up to love’s embrace,
At last I know, I’ve found my place.

By: Alexander Markus – c 2018

Eternal spirit, longing,
Basking in the reflection of your love.
The living light within, calling,
Unspoken, yearns unbroken.

For you.

Timeless angel –
You bear all names, yet are nameless,
Are all ages but ageless.
The undying season of bloom and decline.

How should I call to you?
The all in all things,
Silent gods and whispering winds.
Echoes of a younger world.

Naive in spring and wise in winter –
Are you hidden shapeless?
Imploring, voiceless,
Caught beyond this veil?

Will I know when I know you?
Or will I walk alone,
Among the scent of flowers born on bitter winds,
And naught to hold me?

Will I know myself?
When time’s sands claim my last,
And all returnings become ash and dust?

I promise you.

Though I might live and die,
A thousand times,
I’ll find you still.

I’ll be reborn by you.

By: Alexander Markus – c 2018