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Welcome to The Limitless Dark, a universe based on our own and created by Alex Markus for the AR|C Angels, Limitless Dark, The Five, and related media creations. All work is copyrighted and all rights are reserved, please visit the licensing page if you would like to learn more. All the good art has been handcrafted by the inimitable Tanya Maksimuk, please check her out and support her work. All other TLD “art” crafted by me, for what it’s worth.

** I try to avoid spoilers, but there is advance info and background information on the following pages. If any of that sounds concerning, consider reading the books first.
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Coming June – 2022 : The Limitless Dark universe

Locke survived the latest conflict between the bear-like Horuken and insectoid Rodan – ultimately winning his freedom from the notorious “Corpse Eater” mercenary company. After the war, Locke tracked down his old friend and sometime crush, Angels. They’ve been flying together ever since – going from one crap job to another. It’s not an easy life, but Locke believes in Angels’ vision. The only thing he knows for sure, is: that if Angels can point them in the right direction, he’ll take care of any opposition that dares to stand in their way.

Seph belongs to the Flur, a plant-like species who are capable of photosynthesizing and growing their bodies into almost any shape, texture, or configuration imaginable. Presently, she has adopted a female-like human form, though it’s anyone’s guess as to what might be hiding under her black-ops Shadowsuit. As a Stalker, she has risen through the ranks, into the uppermost echelon of the AR/C Hunting guild’s hierarchy and, as a result, has access to the most dangerous and lucrative contracts. Seph is a shrewd operator and always has work for the ambitious. She is often seen in the presence of powerful aliens or at the center of galaxy-wide intrigues. Seph values her privacy, and wise spacers avoid inquiring too deeply into her whereabouts or her business.